Smarter selling – smarter business

Kanden Konsult – we help businesses grow.

Kanden Konsult is a small consulting, training and recruitement company whose mission is to help companies and professionals reach their sales and business development goals.

We publish a sales oriented business blog, a periodic newsletter and we offer for sale a digital sales book.

We provide sales training, process improvement, strategy development and recruitment assistance services.

We provide sales management for hire:

  • business establishment in Norway
  • sales management in acute situations
  • project management / facilitatation
  • business negotiations
  • reorganization and change situations


Kanden Konsult and its people have worked systematically with topics such as sales, sales management, sales oriented top management, sales consulting and interim management for more than 25 years.

We have build up a considerable knowledge bank of best practice selling processes, methods and experiences from a number of industries ranging from IT, telekom, high tech, energy, biotech, production and travel – to finance, entertainment, non-profit, academics and the hospitality industry.